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Hubrecht Duijker
Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Watte Teas were first launched in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on the 30th October 2002. Tasting the Watte Series with Merrill J. Fernando, Founder of Dilmah, was Hubrecht Duijker, voted 'Wine Communicator of the Year' and author of over 50 books on the subject and latterly, tea. Hubrecht's knowledge of French and Spanish wines is acclaimed as unparalleled, and his his books have won an impressive number of awards, including the Julia Child Award in the US and the Glenfiddich Award in the UK.

Notes for Ran watte
Golden orange colour. Elegant structure, like a fine Champagne. Smooth, with a pinch of spiciness - and a fine aroma with some peach and other citrus fruit. The hint of spiciness has the same function as the crispness (from the chalk soil) that distinguishes Champagne from other sparkling wines.
Notes for Uda watte
More colour that the previous tea, but not very dark. Pinot Noir (or Burgundy) as a red wine is not very dark either, because of the thin grape skins. Another resemblance in style is the charming, almost lush, supple nature of this tea. And, like a good Pinot Noir, it also has some tanninlike backbone, while a slight spiciness is present as well.
Notes for Meda watte
This tea offers a fairly dark brown colour and a firm, full, yet lively taste with hints of caramel, fresh figs and some floral elements, plus a good finish. Especially the structure and firmness are in line with an Australian style Shiraz. Like the other three teas, this one has a beautiful balance too.
Notes for Yatta watte
The expressiveness of a good Cabernet Sauvignon can be experienced in this dark brown tea. It tastes round, full, almost muscular, and has juicy, with elements of - ever so slightly sweet - spices and bayleaf. Very restoring indeed. And, like a good Cabernet, with a long, harmonious finale.
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