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Bob Campbell, Wine Connoisseur and Master of Wine is New Zealandıs foremost Wine writer. Bob was one of the first Wine experts who experienced the Watte Teas. Bob Campbell is one of only 211 Masters of Wine in the world. He is wine editor of Cuisine magazine, author of the NZ wine Annual, NZ's leading wine educator and a senior wine judge.

Notes for Ran watte
Colour - Light/medium
Aroma - Vanilla, citrus/orange, blackcurrant bud, biscuit and peach
Taste - Supple, light-bodied tea with fine chalky tannins.
Notes for Uda watte
Colour - Medium
Aroma - Vanilla, hay, mint, peach, biscuit, peat, wood smoke
Taste - Soft, subtle tea with a smooth, almost velvety structure and a lingering finish.
Notes for Meda watte
Colour - Deep
Aroma - Orange rind, cloves, vanilla, seaweed, earthy, biscuit and peat smoke.
Taste - Elegance on a grand scale. Rich, robust tea with firm, fine tannins.
Notes for Yatta watte
Colour - Very deep
Aroma - Lemon blossom, toasted, malted barley, biscuit and peat.
Taste - Rich, full-bodied tea with a backbone of fine-grained, drying tannins.
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