Bob Campbell, Master of Wine
New Zealand

On the nose, vanilla, hay, mint, peach, biscuit, peat, wood smoke. Soft, subtle tea with a smooth, almost velvety structure and a lingering finish.

Hubrecht Duijker, Wine Connoisseur, Taster & Writer
Amsterdam, Netherlands
More colour that the previous tea, but not very dark. Pinot Noir (or Burgundy) as a red wine is not very dark either, because of the thin grape skins. Another resemblance in style is the charming, almost lush, supple nature of this tea. And, like a good Pinot Noir, it also has some tanninlike backbone, while a slight spiciness is present as well.
Ian McKenzie

Colour Attractive bright tan with orange tones. Deep golden green at the meniscus, similar to a well aged oloroso sherry.

Aroma Very typical dried "tea" character with undertones of sweet new mown hay. Fresh and lightly aromatic, even fruity and not dissimilar to the slightly gamey forest floor aromas found in pinot noir.

Palate Entry is immediately flavoursome and supple leading into a soft round medium bodied mid palate. Back palate develops richness and depth with mouth coating but fine and complex tannins resulting in great length. Overall a lovely balance of attractive, almost fruity flavours and soft generous tannins. A medium bodied aperitif style.

General A medium bodied beverage with an extra dimension of richness and softness which develops from the excellent tannin balance.
The comparison to pinot noir on the packaging is a very good analogy in my opinion as this tea does display many of the attributes of a good pinot, viz complexity, softness, roundness and full flavour and with non aggressive tannins.
The tannin structure in this tea reminds me of that derived from wine barrels made from French Oak from the Limousin forest, still relatively cool but warmer than say, Vosges.

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