Bob Campbell, Master of Wine
New Zealand

On the nose, vanilla, citrus/orange, blackcurrant bud, biscuit and peach. Supple, light-bodied tea with fine chalky tannins.

Hubrecht Duijker, Wine Connoisseur, Taster & Writer
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Golden orange colour. Elegant structure, like a fine Champagne. Smooth, with a pinch of spiciness - and a fine aroma with some peach and other citrus fruit. The hint of spiciness has the same function as the crispness (from the chalk soil) that distinguishes Champagne from other sparkling wines.
Ian McKenzie

Colour Bright light tan leading to burnt orange with attractive green/gold at the meniscus. Similar to a well aged amontillado sherry.

Aroma Lifted, lively, lightly herbal aromas with undertones of delicate lemony/citrus fruit with added complexity of light aromatic spice. Hints of orange rind also come through.

Palate Light, lively, fresh, herbal front palate developing with fine grained tannins to a soft elegant but flavoursome mid palate and finishing with a dry lightly astringent sensation. Palate is left clean and refreshed. Lovely balance of herbal flavours and tannin with great palate length.

General A lighter bodied beverage, in many ways similar in texture to a fine manzanilla or amontillado sherry.
The reference to Champagne on the packaging is probably more relevant to most consumers as few would understand what a fine manzanilla or amontillado would taste like.
The strong attributes of this tea are its elegance, finesse and length of flavour. Very much a fine aperitif style.
Clearly at 6,000 feet of altitude, the climate in which this tea is grown is quite cool and this is reflected in the fine elegant structure of the brewed beverage. These same characteristics are usually found in the wines made from grapes grown in cool climates.
Although slightly off the subject it is also interesting to note that the tannins derived from American White Oak trees used in making wine barrels are also much finer and less astringent when those trees are grown in extremely cold climates such as Wisconsin in the USA.
Also the tannins in French Oak from forests such as Troncais and Vosges, both cold climate, are fine grained and have a degree of elegance.

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