Bob Campbell, Master of Wine
New Zealand

On the nose, orange rind, cloves, vanilla, seaweed, earthy, biscuit and peat smoke. Elegance on a grand scale. Rich, robust tea with firm, fine tannins.

Hubrecht Duijker, Wine Connoisseur, Taster & Writer
Amsterdam, Netherlands
This tea offers a fairly dark brown colour and a firm, full, yet lively taste with hints of caramel, fresh figs and some floral elements, plus a good finish. Especially the structure and firmness are in line with an Australian style Shiraz. Like the other three teas, this one has a beautiful balance too.
Ian McKenzie

Colour Attractive deep golden brown with hints of green at the meniscus.

Aroma Sweet, lightly pungent and aromatic tobacco-like characters with complex roasted nut undertones, reminiscent of lightly charry barrel ferment characters found in many fine red wines.

Palate Immediate sensation of strong rich and full bodied flavour with an extra dimension of complexity and extract leading to a very satisfying mouth feel. The abundant tannins are quite assertive and pleasantly drying but not in any way aggressive nor bitter.

General A full bodied tea with an almost continuous sensation of flavour from palate entry right through to back palate. Clearly a good deal "stronger" than Ran Watte or Uda Watte and a style I would imagine would be popular for breakfast, being quite robust and very satisfying in flavour.
Of all the grapes one could have used as a comparison, I guess shiraz is as close as one could manage. The style of shiraz to which the majority of consumers would relate is ripe, rich, robust and full bodies typical of the warmer regions of Australia even though there are quite elegant and spicy styles from some of the cooler regions. Within shiraz there is a similar hierarchy of styles which are dependent on climate as there are with the teas under discussion.

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